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Jasper is one of the most helpful, fast working and talented designers I got the chance to work with for the past years. I feel he truly understands what I mean and translates it in such an effortless way.

Carista Eendragt
United Identities, Founder

Jasper really is our go-to guy for our design needs. From logo design to 3D animation, he can do it. He’s a great creative, easy to work with, and communicates well. Would recommend for sure!

Martin van der Molen
Studio Mals, Co-founder & creative director

Case studies


United Identities


Since 2019 I've been partnering with United Identities to create immersive artwork and promotional materials.

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Bibi Smit


Bibi Smit is a expert artisan working with glass since 1988. The challenge was not to override the visual impact of the artwork but to support and enhance it.

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