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United Identities


United Identities is at its core all about inclusivity and equality. The independent record label functions as a platform for creative artists to collaborate and express themselves. I have been collaborating with the brand since 2019, and have worked on the visual identity and various artwork for releases and events.


The uniqueness of this project lies in the choice of a flexible and understated visual style. Instead of a strict brand style guide, this approach allows room for experimentation by other visual artists, fostering creativity and diversity.


We decided to go for an abstract logo mark based on letterforms. This logo mark is the cornerstone of the visual identity. It sets the tone for the rest of the identity, where the slogan 'No Ego, All Equal' is kept in mind for artwork, merchandise and promotional materials.


The collaboration has resulted in positive feedback and growing brand loyalty. United Identities has become a recognizable and respected brand within the music scene, confirming the value of our long-term collaboration.

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The lack of a strict branding guide, creates a playful environment for collaborators

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Jasper van Doorn

Art Direction

Carista Eendragt

Photography event

Robin Keur

Illustration Modern Intimacy

Dewy Elsinga

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